Gorgona island – COLOMBIA

General Info

Gorgona island is located 35 km from the colombian pacific coast. The island is 9 km long and 2.5 km wide, land extension about 2600 ha, marin area 61 787 ha. Francisco Pizzaro, one of the spanish conquerers gave this name to the island because of the large number of snakes on the island.

From 1959 to 1982 Gorgona became Colombias “Alcatraz”, converted into a state penitentiary center, the most dangerous criminals of the country were isolated on this island. When visiting the island you may have the possibility to walk through the ruins of the former prison. 1985 Gorgona became official National park area of Colombia and was declared patrimony of humanity by the UNESCO. Gorgona counts on the most developped coral reef formations of the Tropical East Pacific and in size the largest of the colombian pacific.                                                                                              

Dive Season

Best season to dive in Gorgona is from May to Oktober with Water temperatures around 28 degree celsius. From January to end of March Temperatures may vary between 15 and 23 degree celsuis.

Diving Service

Possibility for landbased diving with the Gorgona Padi Diving Center or Gorgona Liveaboards leaving from Buenaventura coast town in Colombia.

Humback Whale

From July to Oktober Humpback whales visit Gorgona island. Whale watching is offered daily with motorboats.


On the island we find 17 species of mammals, 155 species of birds and 41 Reptil species (3 endemic). The Underwaterworld of Gorgona is amazing. Divers observe frequently Sea turtles, Whitetip reefsharks, tropical groupers, jacks and much more. From May on we have the opportunity to find whalesharks and giant manta rays.

Gorgona Map






       Thanks a lot to the Videographer German Soler (Bogota/Colombia)

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